Consider the following aspects:

One of your greatest investments is your property, much more so if you are a pensioner. It forms a major part of your net asset value which is used to determine you credit rating. Credit worthiness is very important even for retired people. There are always unplanned expenses like a big operation or a visit to your children overseas.

Who will take care of your interests? There is nobody better than yourself. Be aware of what is happening in your environment. If changes in your neighbourhood may have a negative impact on your property, therefore detrimental to your asset value, YOU must act.  The organisation, of which you are a member, will be able to support you and act in your best interest.

The name of the association, the term “ratepayer”, implies that if you pay you must have a say in how rates will be determined and how the money will be spend.

Are the KRPA making a difference? Definitely! Not all our objections or requests are successful  but we do win from time to time.

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